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Foul Way Of Love

(something written some years ago)

Wake up in breathless mourning glory
Cheat and blame the skies
Turn your back on the stunning light before you
Drift off and die.

The devil shows you a tease
So you go on and pry
Pretending it won’t hurt more to stain more
So you build up the gallows of your head with lies

Take the gray off the ashes
And let them burn again-
This is your foul way of love
Will anyone get it right?

Tests For Bandages

There’s nothing wise in breaking a heart
Just to see how it would recover…
Should it recover…

There’s no reasonable reason for indifference
Just to hide how deeply one feels…
If one awarely feels…

The fear of rejection is what makes mankind
The worst deceivers of themselves…
And it differs from the need of acceptance…

So though there’s something deadly about living fully…
There’s nothing deadlier than every attempt to be unnatural
But to be urged to be unnatural is natural…

Kings and Cowards

Kings and cowards are both men
Not all men are kings
But all men are cowards to
Drastic emotional change

And muses veil corrections assaultingly
With the knives that glare off stabbing eyes
Blindedly perceiving pain
Upon the splattered truth from instinct acted on

And so sweet lovers err…
And so sweet lovers die…

Gravel or Cement

Let me save your bothered feet from gravel or cement,
Let me in again today…
Beings as we are were not bound to engage
Only to choose the choices we deem mundane…

I bet there’s a consummation of determination unsteady,
Tainted by cowardice so common among men
And women. Oh you and I do not favor selfishness
But would rather ache forever to be meek

In gravel or cement where your anxious feet are coldly anchored
I could bring you the grass… or rivers, should you allow it…
Stream you in rapture perennial as they are. Don’t you think?
Do alienate yourself with me without assuming mere routines…

Beings as we are were not bound to engage
Only to choose the choices we deem mundane…

Also published in xyldrae.deviantart.com.

On What Expense

On what expense does a man bare his soul
to a woman he does not intend to keep?
And on what expense does a man keep
a woman he does not intend to bare his soul with?

What does a man tell himself when he realizes on what expense?
And what does a man do to not realize on what expense?

On what expense does a man love
And on what expense does he not?

Also published in xyldrae.deviantart.com. Feel free to change the perspective to male to female.