*a black heart drowning in euphoria*

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Author’s Recommendations:

Personal Favorites:


Collaboration (Deeply Metaphorical)

Plain Spoken Word

Very Short


Special Categories:

     Other Languages


Schizophrenic Conference on Masochism
Let No Beauty Be Barren

Other Languages:

FilipinoIsang Sulyap Lamang
FilipinoPasalitang Enkanto (with Sherylene De La Cruz)


With Sherylene De La CruzThree Steps
With Sherylene De La CruzSome Kind of Funeral
With Ronna Fe AlmazanMortal Convenience
With Conrad GarciaDunes
With Sherylene De La CruzWith Sherylene De La Cruz
With Conrad GarciaFall Autumnly


For my fatherThis Man
For my Kuya Eric Baraoidan Excerpts From An Unfinished Ode
For people affected by CalamitiesLife and Calamities
For people who lost someone dear to themHow Do You Take A Death?
For Conrad GarciaCherub. Rebel. Minstrel.


Mistaken Angels
The Real Battle
I Know Where You Live
He Is A Song

Titles (Alphabetical):

  1. A Certain Source of Better Sense
  2. Almost the Saddest Poem
  3. At Peace With His Bed
  4. Awarely Unaware
  5. Back Off. Back Up. Back Out.
  6. Beyond The Noise
  7. Blasphemy Through Silence
  8. Can Warmth Be Alms
  9. Chambers of the Obsolete II
  10. Chambers of the Obsolete III
  11. Cherub. Rebel. Minstrel.
  12. Daily Subconscience On Exile
  13. Deconstructing Cinderella
  14. Did You Know About Anchors?
  15. Dunes
  16. Face Up
  17. Faceless Ghosts
  18. Feeling You Feeling Me Apart
  19. Fall Autumnly
  20. Flourish or Drown
  21. Foul Way of Love
  22. Gravel or Cement
  23. He Is A Song
  24. Hollow May Be Serene
  25. How Do You Take A Death?
  26. If Darkness Is So Bad
  27. In All Its Fragile Ephemeral Existence
  28. Isang Sulyap Lamang
  29. Just Aware
  30. Just Can’t
  31. Kings and Cowards
  32. Let No Beauty Be Barren
  33. Life and Calamities
  34. Looking Up By Looking Down
  35. “Lovely Death” Is His Name
  36. Make Me A Saint
  37. Masochistic Mystery
  38. Memory of Eternity
  39. Mistaken Angels
  40. Mortal Convenience
  41. Need To Be One
  42. Not Haunted As I Am
  43. No Love
  44. Of Time
  45. On What Expense
  46. Open Shutter
  47. Pasalitang Enkanto
  48. Passerby
  49. Purely From A While Ago
  50. Schizophrenic Conference on Masochism
  51. Sleep
  52. Some Kind of Funeral
  53. Strained Epoch
  54. Taking the Alpha-Flirt Seriously
  55. Tests for Bandages
  56. The Agony of Being Happy
  57. The Cross
  58. The Message of the Sky
  59. The Real Battle
  60. The Roots Of
  61. The Saddest Poem
  62. This Man
  63. Thousand-Yard Stare
  64. Three Steps
  65. To Hover Above…
  66. Transition of Consciousness
  67. True Beings
  68. True Joys
  69. We Move Along
  70. Where Mercy Is
  71. Will Not
  72. Xyldrae
  73. You’re Only As Deep As Your Diction
  74. You Are Your Diction – Revision

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