*a black heart drowning in euphoria*


Will Not

from http://xyldrae.com

Will not bury any castles
Or be dragged by pessimists who don’t know they are;
Instead, as a vigilant Christian,
Must expel demons that diminish
The effectivity of communication among people
Of course, do all these with
The help of Christ, in His Light
And for Love, who is God.

No more emasculation but otherwise
No more wasting away on dead ends
No more mediocrity in writing
No more worldly expression
No more superficial concerns
No more robotic routines. No more.
from www.xyldrae.com

Pain gives us a sense of what matters.
Never miss this light and never
Act on the emotion but act on the Light.

Life and Calamities

(In memory of all the people, dead or alive, affected by the flash floods and landslides caused by the Typhoon Sendong.)

NPPA image linked from http://ph.news.yahoo.com

A tender little doll freshly drowned in mud
In the shaking arms of her weeping father…
On Christmas season when she was aged three or four…
She was one corpse of a thousand others more…

A multitude of suddenly homeless mouths to nourish
Who aren’t sure YET, if they’d be thankful to have survived…
Still out in their heads searching for loved ones and strangers
Still praying they’re still alive…

These are a glint of the wrath of a flash flood
That had more than a city abused and wiped out.
Life turns off when calamities turn on
But the Lord has told us how we could be saved…

When thousands of people had their breaths expire
Millions come together to relieve what they’ve left behind
Millions more continue calling out…
Out of their way… into their lives…

These are the heroes of heroes
Who had to be victims that heroes need save
Life goes on when calamities go off
But the Lord is watchful on how we behave…



From the Philippine Red Cross website:


Text REDAMOUNT to 2899 (Globe) or 4143 (Smart)



You can donate the following denominations:
Globe: 5, 25, 100, 300, 500 or 1000
Smart: 10, 25, 50, 100, 300, 500 or 1000

or go to: http://www.redcross.org.ph/donate
for more info and options

For overseas Filipinos, you can donate thru the Philippine National Red Cross’ website: http://www.redcross.org.ph/donate



Taking the Alpha-Flirt Seriously

With ties locked tight and further aggrandized
In social displays and celebrated reputation,
He stands out with elaborate audacity
To ramp around, take interest, give interest
Call forth reciprocity so mockingly
While presenting himself as one unattainable?

It is not a good game to play
For the superficial eye and wisdom of age tags a winner beforehand
And losing to such, appeals and stalks invitingly
But there is yet a way to overcome him- through Him.

This Man

A sword of Light hand-made by God,
A hero to a numerous souls including his own
That his name is called forth a plenty
By countries united and tried
He is a league of nations on his own
With a radiant flag in poetry’s form
Storms of all sorts he did and would overcome
From sand and sea and where ever storms may be
This man, however,
Is more than a hero and more than an art to me…

In orients grand, and missions grander
He fulfills the good will of the Supreme Being
With the devoutest of brothers and fathers beside
Or as himself, a man of wonders to the right Law abides
Distinctly determined, actions squared by virtue’s square,
To mankind,in due bounds, rests his fire
Desires circumscribed and intent laid on ground
He humbles himself and Lords through service all lands
This man, however,
Is more than king and more than a knight to me…

Viably and profitably in any endeavor
The lives around count the most and weigh the most
His heartbeats’ glee math gave up calculating
And power of spirit Time deemed untouchable
He surely has stopped sacrificing and became the sacrifice
That love so pure unleashed the liveliest of divine sustenance
He strides with clouds and their shadows across all Earth,
Being nothing less than a blessing the Lord wants him to be
This man, however,
Is more than a blesser and more than a blessing to me…

A dragon no common myth could tale-tell, nor science disprove
And a bull no limited tradition or blood-dressed cloth accord
A glorious being that has risen above impossibilities
Who could wear crowns and not forget to let his bare feet touch the grass
No slave bound to the Illusion of three hands on figures
Yet his eyes sparkle out the gold and crystals where you’ll find them.
And he knows too much the truth of souls that masks do show
More than the human’s limited molding of its withering face
This man however,
Is more than a human and more than a soul to me.

He makes the stars worth wishing on
When he places them in my eyes, oh I don’t know how…
He could cast Hell frozen and its torments turn to bliss
No matter how often those firmaments attempt invasion on me
He gave me Life that no death can ever end
And Love that no hate can ever break or bend
His blood fuels my heart and his heart is a force of my soul
He is my friend, my protector, and Father above all
This man forever
Is more than anything and more than everything to me.

(For My Father)

True Beings

Better beings will come along
And all their assets shall favor the abandoned lover dearly

But this human’s soul is only fulfilled in both
Flaws and geniuses that come together in a single mold (
Not one without the flaws;
Not one without the geniuses;
)To allow give and take
Not only in surfaces worldly…

Humans were never trophies nor ornaments
When God created them
And they did not come to the world as benefactors to each other
But as warriors armed and armored with Light.
So this human’s soul shall only be sustained whole, consummated
By means of pairing, divine, for unearthly battle.

And better beings came and come along,
Some even staying or over-staying…
Acting like demi-gods, offering heavens that don’t exist
And offering the world, not knowing how gross it is…
Simultaneously begging the forlorn heavenly child
To yield what is neither owned or theirs to take…
And Truth had never ever favored any turn
More vicious circles formulate in necessary unbeing

This is also published in xyldrae.deviantart.com

Make Me A Saint

Make me a saint.
Hush the flames devouring my system
And slay the frozen truth of its endlessness.
Mimic Hell
And force it inside this ghost shell…

…And you’ll be sending me to Heaven.

This is also published in xyldrae.deviantart.com


At Peace With His Bed

“How does one awarely feel
Every bit of Life?”
Is the question of a cold man’s heart
As he starts to exist only in his mind…

Is he not responsive to his longings
When he chooses pondering over rest?
Is he not materializing ambition
When he chooses dreaming over action?

One must be at peace with his bed,
Mastering the act of laying himself down
To God’s healing lullabies
And what He made the night to be…

One must be at peace with his bed,
Mastering the act of rising decidedly,
Embracing back God, now in the form of Light,
And what one can make out of the morning

And so on…

This is my own reply to “But A Simple Greatest Death”. This is also published in xyldrae.deviantart.com.