*a black heart drowning in euphoria*


No Elegy

March. One equinox has gone.
Thoughts swirling but in a fading spring
when flowers start to bloom

if they have not died in winter flames…

Writing films in my head with a held-back pen –
Stolen songs orchestrate the score.

Cherry blossoms make me blush no more…

Every now and then
my presence is no longer felt.
The sunlight awakens
every now and then.
Random restlessness
play a dirge for the dire thoughts that are too relentless…

I laugh with a katana five millimeters
left of my heart,
Admiring how torments come from what may never be art!

Who dances to dirges
and what kinds of dances would those be?

We all know the sun doesn’t set.
We all know the sun doesn’t rise.
We make and take same illusion to relish
our cages repeatedly
by “its”

glorious captivation,

because we are tired, being the ones in constant motion…

Who said illusions aren’t real?

Who murders dreamers?
Who rapes visionaries while covering their faces with the stinking clothes they took off to violate?
I wrote this song for I think we’re ending
If we haven’t ended yet.
But this in no elegy

for it is an ending that never ends and

Pasalitang Enkanto

(Isinatulang mga Pahayag sa Aklat ng mga Mukha o Facebook ni Xyldrae Diane E. Jacob at Sherylene De La Cruz)

Pasalitang Enkanto

Poeticized Comments on Facebook that started from a blurry picture that triggered a heart to transmit it’s own voice to a mind and thus, a verbal spell chanted throughout, involving some.

Malabo ang larawan,
Parang ang puso ko.
*Pansamantalang Makata*
Huwag mabagabag.
Ito’y mawawala
O hindi kaya….


*Napinsalang kalagayan
Na `di pangkaraniwan*

*Kataka-takang kagitlahanang
Kabig ng himig at ginaw
Mula sa pagtitingaw-ngaw
Ng namumukod na halimaw*

*Pasalitang enkanto*

Sino ang may kinalaman?
Sino ang may nalalaman.
Sino ang nagnanais makaalam?
Manika ang may kasagutan!

Ang may kinalaman na
Akala’y nakakaalam:

“Ako ba ang may kinalaman?
O ang may nalalaman?
Hindi ba ang halimaw ang humihila
Ng batingaw na sa ating dalawa
Ay gumiginaw sa bawat sambit
Ng mga himig na sa atin ay lumulusaw?”

Sa may nalalaman:

*Palubhang enkanto*


Sa nagnanais makaalam:

Bago ang iyong paglisan,
Ang katotohana’y magiging
Hamak na sabi-sabing
Di karapat-dapat masilayan…

Huwag mabagabag.

Ito ang katapusan.

Hollow May Be Serene

Originally published as description in attached artwork dedicated to Ms. Ana Cruz officially published in xyldrae.deviantart.com.

Emptiness grave in Mind
On a night I have invented
There is a strange big moon
But the stars elude the skies
And the clouds are of the sun

I don’t know….

I don’t know how how to take this death or relief known as Emptiness.

Isang Sulyap Lamang

Walang pagkadakila na walang takot
Walang pagmamahal na walang Diyos
Walang sugat na walang natututunan
Ang lahat ng kawalan ay may katumbas na haplos

Sa minsang paikot-ikot may nagpapakipot
Mga halakhak ng dimonyong inakalang katuturan
Isang sulyap lamang sa malayang katotohanan
Ng itinatagong pangarap na katapangan

The Versatile Blogger Award

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7 Things About Myself

  1. My primary blog is Valkyrja*Soul.
  2. Some of the famous people I admire are Albert Einstein, Jose P. Rizal, William Shakespeare, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, and Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni
  3. I love Art, most of all, Science, God’s Art which are miraculous.
  4. I’ve had birds poops on my face and been attacked by a huge bat in a coffee shop both more than once, of all the people in public.
  5. I love Mountain Climbing.
  6. I’ve swam with a whaleshark.
  7. One of my favorite paintings is Gustav Klimt’s “Der Kuss” and I’ve marveled at it with my own eyes within the walls of the Belvedere Castle in Vienna.

Passing on The Award

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