*a black heart drowning in euphoria*

Feel Good

Did You Know About Anchors?

(First Unfinished Draft and Middle Part)

Beautiful Souls

From a journey through layers from the ocean floor
We’ve smiled at its species, as we lovingly drawn close to their open doors…

Oh how man would give up his breaths,
To say hello to a clown in anemones…
And no matter how relentlessly expiring,
Life holds eternity in moments like these…

When I rose above the ocean water,
You were walking, satisfied, towards the shore.. .
My vision was still filtered and blurry
Yet I was magnificently seeing more…

Rain drizzled down enchantingly
On the calm and waveless sea…
It was bright and dim and dark all at the same time
In a moment of Life most sublime…

And as water kissed water
The sun couldn’t help but provide
A unique spotlight for every unique drop
And made the glow in your soul even more bright…
Suddenly, diamonds were dancing afloat,
Surrounding our humble family boat…
Their sparks froze such serene Settings in fleeting eternity
But the focus remained on the man Still walking slowly ahead of me…

Did you know,
That I see through your eyes and from my own?
It is a gift of gifts within me…
That you have sown and grown…

To Hover Above


Often, I feel like crashing into the sun when I forget
That I can just hover above the clouds…
Then I return to reality to gaze upon the beauty from where I stand….
And see all these that make the world go round…
Good and bad, through which all good can be made…
There’s no bad thing that can’t transcend to something good,
And there’s no good thing that can result to bad…
And when they say that hate had sprung from Love,
I say hate was always hate, or there was never love…

Often, I have felt, that I’ve just strayed into the moon
When I’ve forgotten that I could… hover above the stars…
Then I return to reality to gaze beyond the beauty in where I stand….
And understand why must the world go round…

Will Not

from http://xyldrae.com

Will not bury any castles
Or be dragged by pessimists who don’t know they are;
Instead, as a vigilant Christian,
Must expel demons that diminish
The effectivity of communication among people
Of course, do all these with
The help of Christ, in His Light
And for Love, who is God.

No more emasculation but otherwise
No more wasting away on dead ends
No more mediocrity in writing
No more worldly expression
No more superficial concerns
No more robotic routines. No more.
from www.xyldrae.com

Pain gives us a sense of what matters.
Never miss this light and never
Act on the emotion but act on the Light.

True Joys (Remake from an Actual Conversation)

(This is a remake of excerpts from an actual conversation written hereafter.)

I want relaxing joys…
Joys that aren’t achieved over tremendous pressure.
I want joys that come in peace,
in kindness freely given,
in love…
in real love…
or in honest hate overcame…

I want joy that does not demand,
a price or a sacrifice…
Such as the joy transcending from an existence…
For otherwise, I am bountiful.

I want so fondly, this plain emotion
gracefully finding its way
through our converted jungles and savory hollows…
riding nothing but time…

I want relaxing joys…
That would transpire for a second
to affect your whole life…
with love…
with real love…
until you can hate no more…

(Excerpts from an actual Conversation:)

I want relaxing joys…
Joys that aren’t achieved over tremendous pressure.
I want those that come in peace,
in kindness freely given,
in love….
I want joy that does not demand a price or sacrifice…
I want that plain emotion from time to time….

This Man

A sword of Light hand-made by God,
A hero to a numerous souls including his own
That his name is called forth a plenty
By countries united and tried
He is a league of nations on his own
With a radiant flag in poetry’s form
Storms of all sorts he did and would overcome
From sand and sea and where ever storms may be
This man, however,
Is more than a hero and more than an art to me…

In orients grand, and missions grander
He fulfills the good will of the Supreme Being
With the devoutest of brothers and fathers beside
Or as himself, a man of wonders to the right Law abides
Distinctly determined, actions squared by virtue’s square,
To mankind,in due bounds, rests his fire
Desires circumscribed and intent laid on ground
He humbles himself and Lords through service all lands
This man, however,
Is more than king and more than a knight to me…

Viably and profitably in any endeavor
The lives around count the most and weigh the most
His heartbeats’ glee math gave up calculating
And power of spirit Time deemed untouchable
He surely has stopped sacrificing and became the sacrifice
That love so pure unleashed the liveliest of divine sustenance
He strides with clouds and their shadows across all Earth,
Being nothing less than a blessing the Lord wants him to be
This man, however,
Is more than a blesser and more than a blessing to me…

A dragon no common myth could tale-tell, nor science disprove
And a bull no limited tradition or blood-dressed cloth accord
A glorious being that has risen above impossibilities
Who could wear crowns and not forget to let his bare feet touch the grass
No slave bound to the Illusion of three hands on figures
Yet his eyes sparkle out the gold and crystals where you’ll find them.
And he knows too much the truth of souls that masks do show
More than the human’s limited molding of its withering face
This man however,
Is more than a human and more than a soul to me.

He makes the stars worth wishing on
When he places them in my eyes, oh I don’t know how…
He could cast Hell frozen and its torments turn to bliss
No matter how often those firmaments attempt invasion on me
He gave me Life that no death can ever end
And Love that no hate can ever break or bend
His blood fuels my heart and his heart is a force of my soul
He is my friend, my protector, and Father above all
This man forever
Is more than anything and more than everything to me.

(For My Father)

The Message of the Sky

Bum with me
Above the clouds
You need no other high but I…

Sun can’t burn
Out solemn flesh
Your doubts are meaningless.

Celestial Hearts
Know how to fly
This is the message of the Sky…

This is also published in xyldrae.deviantart.com.